SELECT t.*, f.ext, f.path, f.duration, f.bitrate, f.sample_rate, f.channels, f.is_blocked, f.is_external, f.track_count, f.size, f.ios_ready, l.ip AS is_like , a.title as artist_title, a.seolink as artist_seolink, dw.total_count as download_count, lk.total_count as like_count 
                FROM cms_audio_tracks t
                LEFT JOIN cms_audio_files f ON = t.file_id
                LEFT JOIN cms_audio_likes l ON l.file_id = AND l.ip = INET_ATON('')
                INNER JOIN cms_audio_artists a ON = t.artist_id
LEFT JOIN cms_audio_download_count dw ON = dw.track_id
LEFT JOIN cms_audio_like_count lk ON lk.track_id =

                WHERE 1=1
                       AND (t.is_official = 1)

                ORDER BY dw.total_count DESC
LIMIT 0, 20

Table 'cms_audio_tracks' is marked as crashed and should be repaired