13 мая 2019

The resource is available to the public for all registered and non-registered users. The resource administration does not control and is not responsible for the information placed on the portal. The information system of the site and its software are no technical solutions are carried out automatically censor and monitor user activities on the use of the site.
The resource administration sharply negative attitude to copyright infringement. Therefore, if you are the copyright of exclusive property rights, including:
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and your rights in some way violated with the use of this resource, please do not hesitate to report to the technical support team using the feedback form. Your message will be mandatory to be considered.
We have no control over the actions of users who can re-link to information that is the object of your exclusive rights. Any information placed on the site by the user, without any control from any side, which corresponds to the generally accepted world practice of placing information on the Internet. But in any case we will consider all your correctly formulated requests for links to the information violates your rights.